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Angela Hotca-Roos


"Buying a home can be daunting. However, there wasn't a moment where we felt in jeopardy with Angela. She is patient, kind, empathetic, and explained all salient points clearly to us. She made sure we understood exactly where we were.

Angela is also very responsive. I couldn't believe how quickly she would respond. When she didn't have an answer, she acknowledged receipt of an inquiry and would find an answer quickly.

Most of all, Angela is so warm and approachable. Even when it felt I was on the verge of bugging her, she reassured me I was not and that it was her pleasure to assist. We couldn't ask for more from someone in this process! Hats off to Angela! "

"Buying a home is scary. Navigating the complexities of the process was nearly impossible for me and my wife as we are first time home buyers. Therefore, we are lucky we were referred to Angela. Not only was she responsive, professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and well-informed, she also cared and showed an immense amount of patience and empathy with us.

As busy as Angela is, and trust me, you know when people are busy, she was always responsive. This worked wonders in quelling the sense of uncertainty and fear we went into buying a home. We have been looking since 2018 and have come across many agents as we set out on this journey. However, in June 2020, we knew we were close after speaking with Angela. The calm, reassuring, and hands on approach is exactly what we needed here - the final piece to the puzzle.

She guided us toward exactly what was needed from us. She had fantastic referrals, advice, and would check in on our experience every step of the way. We started actively looking in August after getting affairs in order. This is what I loved and what stood out among the lot of agents with whom we had interacted - Angela let us move at our own pace. She did not try to highlight a home for the sake of a sale. She worked with us. When something didn't seem right about a home, she didn't attempt to show us a sunnier picture, she called it out.

After numerous viewings, we found the perfect home for us. Immediately after, Angela went to work, and 1 day later, we were on our journey to closing. Anytime I had a question, Angela got back almost immediately. If she didn't have the answer, she assured me she would find it. 100% of the time, she followed through. So again, caring, empathetic, professional, responsive, honest, well-experienced, intelligent, and, most importantly, just a fantastic human being is how I would describe Angela. She held our hands throughout the entirety of our journey. What more can you ask for?!

So here's the too long didn't read version of my review above:1) Absolutely recommending Angela 2) Everything you want in an agent - works with you 3) If we ever enter the market again, we're calling Angela! 4) Such a wonderful person” 

-Vince Allegretti

"It’s been a pleasure working with Angela for the 2nd time! Angela is passionate of what she does and is evident when working with her. Angela is professional, knowledgeable, and punctual. Goes above and beyond to ensure her client needs are met. I would definitely recommend Ángela to anyone looking to buy or sell!"
- Arely Lagunas

"We have purchased 3 homes and sold 2 homes in the last 20 years with Angela. She has been so considerate taking in account what we were looking for and we couldn't be happier. She is very dedicated, smart and driven to making our dreams a reality. Angela always makes time for her clients and answered any questions we had in a timely manner. Thank you Angela for being so upbeat and ensuring our happiness in our homes!"
- Carmen Pteanc

"It was such a pleasure working with Angela from beginning to end it was a great experience. Looking forward working with you in near future."
- Ionut Pop

"We have been working with Angela for years, and she is a spectacular realtor. Her professionalism, kindness, knowledge, and sincerity made our home sale experience a joy!" 
- Tina Sullivan

"Angela is truly wonderful! Attentive, caring, knowledgeable and treated me like family when helping us search for our new home! I could trust her expertise and knew she had our best interest which led me and my partner to find the home of our dreams! Moving is such a stressful experience but it's much easier when you are working with someone you trust. Angela we can't thank you enough for all the love, support and care you put into helping us find our new home!" 
- Carly Bloomfield

"One of the best agents in the business, Angela was in touch and engaged and on top of things , great communication and very knowledgeable in her field ....she had my 2 flat sold in no time , I highly recommend her! It was a pleasure ! Thank you for everything!" 
- Florin Florea

"Working with Angela was an absolute delight. She walked us through every step of the way, made very thoughtful recommendations. She didn’t push us into a home; she allowed us time to feel that the home we wanted was right for us. From day 1 of our first meeting through the final walkthrough and closing, Angela was with us along the way at every point. She’s responsive, works quickly, and is very communicative. Nothing was confusing when walking though the finer points. I’m not privy to real estate jargon, but she made sure I understood and did so compassionately. Whenever there was a concern, Angela always reassured me things would work out. Because of her intelligence, empathy, and ingenuity, no step of the process was awful. It was actually pleasant looking back. If you want someone to work with you and need some additional hand holding with years of experience and insight that we couldn’t find with other agents we attempted with, Angela is your person! If I could give infinite stars, I would. Angela, in short, is simply the best. If we’re back in the market, we’re calling her immediately!"

- Vincent Allegretti

I wanted to thank you for all your assistance in the purchase of my new home .Your diligence and knowledge was a huge help in navigating the complexities involved in this purchase. I will be sure to give your name to any of our friends and family who may be in the market to either sell of purchase a home. 

- Mariana Gherasim

Angela was a pleasure to work with and a true professional with a wealth of valuable experience to offer even the experienced home buyer. Despite being in the potentially challenging position of representing both the Seller and us as Buyers, her advice was always sound, unbiased and in our interests. We were continually impressed by her responsiveness, helpful insights and impressive follow-through on questions we had and issues that arose throughout the process. 

Camelia Calin

I recently had the pleasure of working with Angela to sell my 2 flat property in Chicago On the NE side. Angela was on top of everything that I needed to know , sign or fax over and a great communicator , she was there anytime I needed to talk or text ! she is very knowledgeable and experienced and it shows , my closing went as planned and was smooth! All this during a pandemic with lots of restrictions in place but she got the job done! This was the 2nd time I worked with her , the first time I was a buyer and now this time a seller ! She’s absolutely great on both ends! I highly recommend Angela for all your buying and selling needs! Thank you very much Angela looking forward to working with you again!

- Florin Florea

Angela is on the job. Nothing slips through her fingers. Worked with her twice already and recommended her to everyone. 

- James Kulevich

Angela helped me with my first place and she went out of her way to make me feel like the decision I was making was the right one. She really made me feel like she was on my side and went the extra mile to for me. 

- Jorge Haro

Angela has a saying, "What's meant to be yours will be yours.". She will do what it takes to make sure you get what's meant to be yours. I recommend that you contact Angela for your real estate needs.

- Alfredo

I have had the good fortune of knowing and working with Angela for many years as a buyer and a seller. Angela is an amazing realtor and a trusted friend! - Thank you Angela! I’m looking forward to many more years!

- Michael Harris

Sold our first place with Angela, purchased our next home with her as well. Smooth going all the way, very in-tune with the market, communication is top notch and has a very pleasant personality! Guess who I’m using for our next home?

Constantin C Crisan